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Visual Storytelling - Art is the key

with Frigyes Fogel 

In cooperation with Fogel Media, we develop genuine stories about people and organizations that start to transform the world. Art is the key of our work. We use photography, film, music and voice to promote the work of the movers & shakers in this world. It's our way to make visible an emerging new economy to millions of people worldwide. 

In all areas of economy and society, there are groups of people who in a holistic view on mankind and society doing simply what others think is not possible. We love to spread their news and promote their work.

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Frigyes Fogel


The Hungarian filmmaker Frigyes Fogel (“say Frici”) won the national cello competition in Budapest at the age of 9. Until he became 33, he made international furors as a soloist in well-known concert venues. However, in this way he lived his father’s dream. One day he decided to choose his own heart. Fogel is still traveling all over the world. Now without cello, but with a camera in hand. To show how people worldwide are renewing the economy and society. From ethical bankers to artists. 

"Making the new world visible to millions of people" - Interview of "Frici" Fogel for New Financial Magazine by Ivo Valkenburg

Filmography Frigyes Fogel 

The (R)evolution – Cultural Creatives 

The Alchemists

Spirits of the future (Israel)

Resurrection (Transylvania)

The secret of ethical banking

The Art of Healing 

Cal Earth Institute 

From Desert to Paradise (SEKEM)

- and many more the shift in paradigm

  towards a new economy

Artistic Promotion of People & Organizations

Movies & short documentaries