The Middle Way 

The Middle Way is a way or path that transcends and reconciles the duality in the world. In the broadest sense, it refers to a holistic view of life in which is always space for compassion and empathy for oneself and all sentient beings. In our work we are on the quest for a way of life that would give the greatest value to human existence and help relieve the world of suffering. 

Reconsidering the future

The corona crisis is the most recent crisis that has opened the eyes of many people and organizations that we cannot continue with this planet, and our lives, as we have always done before. We need to reconsider the future. Many of us are looking for solutions in unknown waterways. There is a general need for a renewed vision, a holistic view of life. Companies are looking for new revenue models and organizational structures. For many, there is a gut feeling that the world will go out of control if we do not consciously choose to change course.


Painting by Ton Peters

Transition and the middle way

In the words of Kahlil Gibran, let's excite "the highest that lies within each of you," by genuinely seeking what unites us together. This requires taking more responsibility for our often chaotic and selfish thinking. This requires not to feed our ego, "the lowest that lies within you," but rather to let compassion and empathy flow for each and everyone, including our opponents. This requires slowly, but consciously, to separate ourselves from our attachment to the value of money, the economy and economic growth, by becoming aware that the real value can be found within ourselves, and in our relationship with the people around us, friend or foe, the nature, the earth, the air and the water. This more "soul-oriented" attitude helps us to shine our light in the world of money and matter, to be in the world, but not from the world. To be of purpose in an economy that organizes quality of life for all involved.

Our practical approach 

We always look for the point to find the balance in the wide range of opposed ideas, thoughts and wishes of people in organizations. We find a 'middle way' beyond the ego, a middle ground, beyond extremes and ideals, where a vision is guiding in which everything that matters most to everyone is included. The sharp edges, the extremity and the "perfection" have been removed, while the collective ideas, thoughts and wishes, in which everyone recognizes themselves, remain and form the starting point for the business transition. The gap between left and right, supporters and opponents in society is now unworkable. This gap can be filled by a deep listening to what truly moves people. We often long for the same values in our soul. However, that desire is so covered by our thinking on how to realize it, that it practically creates unnecessary contradictions between people, who can agree on many things at their core. The more we are willing to give space to what binds us, everything we have in common, the easier it is to shape it together. By letting go of the ideal in collaboration and at the same time no longer yielding to the deplorable state of the world, space is created for a middle ground, which can be easily walked by union and unity. The highly polarized organization then dissolves into a organization in which the human creative power can enter the current of the river of renewal. If we no longer stick to what "I", but rather to what "we" want to create together, it is sometimes a bit painful for our ego, because it loses a piece of its power. Instead, new strength is emerging to work unanimously on a life that we all enjoy experiencing in this world.