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Quantum Business Consult

The art of looking at your business in a way you haven't looked before

Especially for decision makers in companies and organizations who are willing to share openly and honestly from the highest level of trust (with a declaration of confidentiality) what is not going well, and what needs to be achieved in the short term in order to meet major financial and economic challenges of the present, the Quantum Business Consult has been developed.

Are you open to really think out of the box and seeing what is possible in the different avenues of the market?

Our team of New Financial Activators can quickly and professionally offer you a new way to solve the current problems. We offer a roadmap to bridge the current financial and economic crisis in an alternative way. Based on this roadmap, you can continue with a healthy organisation. At the end of the consultation, it is also possible to help your organisation to integrate the solutions offered in the workplace using our international network of practical experts.

Clarity in 3 steps

Step 1 – Intake


Our team will conduct an in-depth intake interview to discuss the main problems and issues within the company and its products and services.  Prior to this, a non-disclosure agreement is signed and the team is informed in writing about the mission, vision, strategy and ambition of the company with the corresponding organizational structure, current leadership and management themes (including financial and economic dashboard). The intake interview lasts on average 3-4 hours. 


Step 2 – Research

The actual quantum research is being carried out from an integral perspective. We look at all aspects that are important in order to arrive at a practical formulation of answers, goldentips and advice on the issues presented to us. This study takes two to three days (16-24 hours).


Step 3 – Consult

In a joint consultation, we discuss our findings and provide practical tools to reshape the proposed solutions to fit the needs and the specific situation of your company.There is plenty of room for an in-depth exchange of ideas, thoughts and wishes. This session lasts on average 3-4 hours.


Financial investment

We are intrinsically driven to help entrepreneurs quickly and unorthodoxly to find solutions to get the business running properly again through the major financial and economic challenges of our time, such as lack of money and the changes that are occurring in all facets of life in the world. We consciously choose to offer our services at a low cost entry level in order to guide as many entrepreneurs as possible through difficult corona times. Contact Ivo Valkenburg for a taylor made quotation on + 31 (0) 25 1100 37.  

New Financial Activators  

The quantum business consultation is carried out by a team whose composition depends on the needs for the specific consult. The base team consists of Jaap Hiddinga and Ivo Valkenburg. On the website of New Financial Activators see can find all potential members of the team. 

New Financial Activators is a large international network of movers and shakers in co-creating a sustainable society. The network includes experts in a wide range of economic areas: from purchasing sustainable products and services to increasing people's involvement, from leadership to diversity, from circular economy to the final purpose of people and business. We discovered that we ​​have a solution for every problem, as long as we keep working together. With money as a means and not as a goal. New Financial Activators is the connection between people, problem-solving and ideas. It helps to find money in the form of grants and investment and resources to enable many people and organizations and what hold for impossible. We believe that a lot is possible. Just look at the power of humanity, look at what we’ve already created on this planet.


Meet the Base Team

Jaap Hiddinga

Jaap Hiddinga is theteam leader. He haslived in Scotland for more than 40 years. He studied quantum physics and chemistry. The entrepreneurial blood flows through his veins. He founded and successfully sold six companies, including a brewery and an engineering firm with about 150 employees at its peak. He has also been involved in writing books and giving consultations in the field of personal growth and business development for some time. He also advises on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar involving different business models. Through Edicola publishing he has published   the following books: Transformation to New Life; Beyond the illusion; Visions from the source; Buddha and the owl; The final step towards consciousness;Historic Scotland and Scotland, an adventure in nature.

Ivo Valkenburg 

Ivo Valkenburg has been active in the world of financial services for more than thirty years. First as a financial advisor, later as a facilitator of innovation processes within companies. For seven years he lived with his family in the mountains of Transylvania. In 2020 he felt called to return to the Netherlands for his work. There he helps people in organizations to get into the right flow from the major financial and economic challenges, always with an enthusiastic eye for the well-being of people in the transition to a future world.

Especially for those who dare to look outside the box of their business!

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