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There are two wolves inside of you
The wolf of personality and the wolf of Infinite love
Which one will win?
The one you feed

More and more people dare to trust the power of love in all aspects of life, without judgement or expectations. They share one dream: to be restored back to their original state of being, freed from all illusions and lack of freedom. They are the movers and shakers who are creating a new society where love becomes the legal tender. They are heart people who seek win-win in heart economics. They include superconscious business people, scientists, journalists, doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians, bankers and many others. They are people forging organizations with the fire of Love, inspired by the Force of Life moving them toward a next step in human consciousness.

'Pure Life is a choice and it's time to make it
- Paul Efmorfidis, CEO/Founder of COCO-MAT

'Ivo Valkenburg (Netherlands, 1966) brings the world an important antidote to a global pandemic of debt money enslavement and trauma. Thank goodness that he did not despair over his financial problems and leave this earth, but instead chose to stay with us with a renewed passion for LOVE and a reminder that we all can and must pursue a pure life.'

- Mark Anielski, Author, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth

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featured in the New Financial Magazine

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Ivo Valkenburg en Lili Valkenburg-Baumann zijn toegewijd aan mensen en organisaties die een nieuwe toekomst willen creëren, duurzaam, menselijk  en betekenisvol. En om samen praktische oplossingen voor de grootste (financieel-economische) uitdagingen van deze tijd te vinden. Heb je vragen en/of opmerkingen, aarzel niet om contact met ons op te nemen! 

Valkenburg bv
Heusden (Gemeente Heusden), The Netherlands

Transilvania Retreat Center SRL
Str. Principala 597F, 407135 Calatele, Jud. Cluj, Romania

Email: ivo@ivovalkenburg.nl 

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