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Open Up — A Hopeful Mythological Tale of the Coronavirus

Hans Siepel shares a beautiful gift to everyone who is open for it. As a writer, moderator, teacher and advisor, especially in the area of crisis-communication, Siepel is actively involved in the reality of the world today. “It seems as if humanity is on a collision course with its own future. How do we turn around? Ancient wisdoms serve as a basis for modern leadership,” says Hans Siepel who wrote a beautiful story about it: Open Up — A hopeful mythological story about the coronavirus.

“In the darkest days of the Kingdom, Open Up appears, spreading like an antivirus at lightning speed throughout the Kingdom. Many people read it. Many eyes open and many wake up from the material. A thousand and one mythological hero’s journeys are booked. In as many hearts the magical treasure is found. And whoever finds it, produces it. Until the critical point is reached, and just like the poppy, all of the energy conditions are such that he can connect his pure magical energy to it. That is the moment when everything in the visible reality changes. Just as the unfolded poppy no longer resembles the bud it once was, so it will be at that memorable moment of the reunion with the magician.”

Hans Siepel has ‘a golden pen’ and has written a very easy to read story, however deep in its simplicity, sharing an initiation to the essence of life. Inspired by the universal hermetic wisdom. It presents a another view on mankind in which man is seen as ‘self-conscious’, equipped with the qualities of thought, but also equipped with a moral consciousness. This person makes conscious choices about which reality he or she wishes to create.

This last work by Siepel is also really worth reading … and to apply its wisdom into practice!

You can download it here for free: Open Up — A hopeful mythological story about the coronavirus.

Hans Siepel (1958) studied political science and has worked in various communication roles: in politics, at the Dutch Railways and he has been the spokesman of several Dutch ministers. For more than ten years, he has been a writer as well as an advisor in the area of crisis-communication. Most of his books are inspired by hermetic wisdom.

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