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"Everything is energy"

How can migratory birds find their way flawlessly, while the average human becomes insecure when the GPS connection briefly fails? Why do so many animals have premonitions of earthquakes and other natural disasters when our highly developed signaling systems could not predict a tsunami or nuclear reactor in time? Why do dogs know when their owner is coming home, when we need a mobile phone or alarm system to know how our children or parents are doing? Why do trees work together and communicate with each other, when for people in companies and organizations this is often anything but simple?

Does nature have an intelligence that we don't have?

For the answer to this question, I shared an in-depth conversation with tells Anna Breytenbach, from South Africa, one of the world's leading experts in communication with nature. The article was published today by the New Financial Magazine.

“As humans, we have lost touch with nature. We see ourselves as masters of all other life forms. We consider ourselves 'higher' on the steps of evolution, because we assume to have a greater level of intelligence and a better developed level of consciousness than animals and plants. In reality, we should perhaps behave more like animals. Animals are not concerned with the destruction of the planet”, said Breytenbach, who sees our alienation with all that lives, inside and outside ourselves, as humanity's most serious disease.


On YouTube you can see short, but also extensive films and documentaries about the meaningful work of Breytenbach. They show how she enables to solve complex issues between man and nature. How she approaches a group of 'aggressive' baboons by connecting with them in peace and to find out what the problem is. A person who is ‘attacked’ usually appears to be the biggest cause of the problem. When Breytenbach is asked why sharks attack humans somewhere along the coast in South Africa, she hears that sharks do not like human flesh at all, but that such extreme behavior needs to be looked at more holistically. Themes such as 'overfishing' resulting in a shortage of food for sharks and 'arrogance' of humans play a role.

"Everything is connected to everything through energy fields. Together we all live in a vast ocean of energy. Literally, not as a metaphor, but as a reality. Every part of consciousness of humans, animals, plants, vegetables, or even a virus, has the same essence. We're all made of the same fabric. Both matter and mind arose from the power of the source. There is nothing beyond ourselves and our consciousness, and we constantly create our lives and our environment from the will of the mind and consciousness. That's pure quantum physics. Like it or not, every thought or emotion is shaping our environment and lives. Everything is energy. In this respect, as human beings, with all our thoughts and emotions, we mostly resemble a cell tower for mobile communication. "

Read the full article here

(text: Ivo Valkenburg | translation: Jaap Hiddinga | New Financial Magazine)


You can follow the activities of Anna Breytenbach via her website Animal Spirit, Facebook or YouTube.