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More and more companies and organizations worldwide discover the power of the heart on the work floor. Schools, hospitals, factories, commercial companies, agricultural institutions, charities, large or small, exchange more and more the power structure of the traditional pyramid with the power structure of self-organized teams, built upon a foundation of authenticity and purpose. In small teams, employees get – virtually limitless – full freedom and responsibility for the ins and outs of the organization, in transition to a holistic business operation.

We feel closely connected to the extensive international research of former McKinsey consultant Frederic Laloux who came to the conclusion that more and more organizations are reinventing themselves. In his book, Reinventing Organizations, he demonstrates how countless companies and institutions do what many people in business still deem impossible like an orchestra without a conductor; a healthcare facility with 10,000 employees where the traditional hierarchy is replaced by 650 teams with all decision-making powers; a school where children themselves are responsible for the composition of the curriculum; a hospital where sincere attention to humans is the primary consideration in all the work; factories where workers themselves determine their salary. These are just a small sample of a long series of examples of organizations that in all their doings placed the human being as central. On our website Transition Made Possible, we share 800+ inspiring examples of people and organizations active in the so called #purpose #economy.


We love to support soulful people & organizations in reconsidering the future!

Are you one of them? 




 Find direction and positive solutions in challenging financial-economic times. 


the Middle Way

Discover what people have in common. Find new strenght to work from a united spirit.



the ego

Integrate highest human values such as compasssion, simplicity and empathy.

Practice Coherence

by Nature

Apply holism and ethics. Make  a positive impact on people, planet & profit.

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Ivo Valkenburg and Lili Valkenburg-Baumann are dedicated to support people and organizations to make a new future possible. Finding practical solutions for the 21th challenges in the world. Feel free to drop us a line!

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