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Individual retreats - Reconsidering the Future

An individual retreat helps many people to find back the power within themselves, regain clarity on all that truly matters in life. How come so many people return home so fulfilled and happy? 'It's mainly the healing power of nature. We are surrounded by the forest. Nature is the best medicine for being your essence. With a little extra like healthy food, nice movement and fun, miracles happen ... but they are not really miracles ... it's an awakening of the soul power within ourselves", according to Lili Valkenburg-Baumann. Together with Ivo Valkenburg they supported also many couples traveling through a crisis in the relationship and entrepreneurs looking for more clarity on all fields of daily life and business.

Casa Maria is homebase for all our individual retreats. You can also choose to organise your own private retreat without our presence, and become one with nature by yourself. In whatever way you like to organise your retreat, we will be happy to support you in realizing an unforgettable time. 


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