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with Jaap Hiddinga en Ivo Valkenburg

Even the best entrepreneurs are sometimes brought out of their comfort zone by the challenging financial-economic situation in the world. The corona events and the global casino of money, economy and economic growth is a concern for many entrepreneurs. It touches the heart of the business and also generates unrest and uncertainty among many employees.

Our consultancy services are especially designed for entrepreneurs who are looking for solutions to get the business running smoothly from the major economic challenges of our time, such as lack of money and the changes that are occurring in all facets of life in the world submit. The approach is soul-oriented to find answers from there to the biggest issues in the practice of daily business.

Solution-oriented clarity in three steps

Step 1
Ivo Valkenburg conducts an intake interview to analyze your most important issue(s) in which you want to gain clarity. This session lasts an hour on average.

Step 2
We discuss and view from an integrated vision all aspects that are important to arrive at a practical formulation of answers, tips and advice on the issues you have presented.


Step 3
In a joint consultation, we discuss our findings and give practical tools to shape the proposed solutions in your specific situation. There is ample room for in-depth exchange of ideas, thoughts and wishes. This session lasts an hour on average.

All calls are made via Skype or Zoom.

Financial investment


Your investment for this is sharing your problem from an open heart, and a financial contribution that depends on the number of employees in your company.

Number of employees              Price (excl. VAT)


0 - 25                                           € 350,--
25 - 75                                         € 550,--
75 - 150                                       € 750,--
150 and more on request

For freelancers and professionals without employees,a rate of € 150 applies


Do you want to start or do you have any questions? Do not hesitate and send Ivo an email at or call:
+ 40 (0) 721 331 274.

Jaap Hiddinga

Jaap Hiddinga has lived in Scotland for more than 40 years. He studied quantum physics and chemistry. He received a revelation in 1993 that completely changed his life and thinking. He has an extensive experience as an independent entrepreneur and founded and successfully sold six companies, including a brewery and an engineering firm with about 150 employees at its peak. He has been writing books and consulting for personal growth and business development for some time. In addition, he gives advice on sustainable energy sources such as wind and sun.  He has written many books. Published in the Edicola Publishing Fund: Transformation to new life; Beyond the illusion; Visions from the source; Buddha and the owl; The confused man; The source of life; The final step to consciousness; Sources of Inspiration, Wisdom Collected, Historic Scotland. Jaap has translated Ivo's book Louter Leven - If love speaks by people and economy for international publication in English. If you have any questions about the theme in his books, you can reach Jaap by email:

Contact Information

Ivo Valkenburg and Lili Valkenburg-Baumann are dedicated to support people and organizations to make a new future possible. Finding practical solutions for the 21th challenges in the world. Feel free to drop us a line!

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